About the ASRC

The Animal Studies Research Collaborative (ASRC) was started in 2019 along with the creation of the new Animal Studies major at Eckerd College. The ASRC is a research organization that focuses on studying animal behavior, welfare, communication, and perceptions across a variety of species, as well as human-animal interactions and relationships. While the ASRC is based out of Eckerd College, we collaborate with many zoological facilities and organizations within the animal world.

The ASRC is co-directed by Dr. Lauren Highfill, professor of Psychology and Animal Studies, and Dr. Erin Frick, assistant professor of Animal Studies. Their research labs, the Eckerd College Comparative Psychology Lab (Highfill) and the Frick Animal Behavior Lab (Frick) are housed under the ASRC.

The ASRC includes a highly dedicated group of students at Eckerd College. Our students are actively working in the field, developing important professional skills while gaining first hand experience and making a difference!

Learn more about the faculty advisors and lab members, and check out our recent publications!

What can I do with an animal studies degree?

  • Animal-Related Positions: Animal shelters and sanctuaries, Aquaria, Veterinary settings, Wildlife rehabilitation, Zoos

  • Public Service: Animal protection organizations, Environmental organizations, Government (e.g., USDA; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

  • Counseling Services: Animal assisted therapy, Support animals, Therapy for animals

  • Education: Graduate study in a variety of fields, including psychology, biology, and education; With an advanced degree, research work as a naturalist or animal behaviorist, or teaching at a college or university

Where our animal studies students intern & work:

Where our animal studies students go to graduate school:

  • Arizona State University

  • Oakland University

  • University of Florida

  • University of South Florida

  • University of St. Andrews