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What is a WILDwebinar?

Sparked by conversation with colleagues during the time of COVID-19, the ASRC's co-director Dr. Erin Frick came up with the idea of developing educational programs related to animal studies for people of all ages to learn about animal studies. Think of it as an interactive podcast! These webinars are primarily taught by our lab members, who are Animal Studies students at Eckerd College. The webinars cover a variety of topics, and cater to people of all ages (elementary, middle school, high school, adults).

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Each session will be held from 5:00-6:00pm EST

January 21st: Sea Turtle

February 4th: Manatees

Feb 18th: Horseshoe Crab

March 4th: Lion

March 18th: Gopher Tortoise

April 1st: Okapi

April 15th: Orca

April 29th: Exotic rodents/ cavies/ guinea pigs/ hamsters/ capybara

May 13th: Sloth