The Eckerd College Comparative Psychology Laboratory (ECCPL) is housed within the Department of Psychology and is directed by Professor Lauren Highfill. Active members of the lab include a highly dedicated group of Eckerd College students interested in the field of comparative psychology.

The mission of the lab is to conduct non-invasive research on the behavior and abilities of various species – from dogs to dolphins - in order to increase our understanding of these remarkable animals.


Dr. Erin Frick founded the Frick Animal Behavior Laboratory (FAB LAB), in September of 2019. Dr. Erin Frick's goal was to provide lots of research opportunities to motivated students at Eckerd College, while furthering the knowledge of Animal Behavior in the scientific community.


The Conservation Behavior Lab (CBLab) is directed by Dr. Tim Bransford. The CBLab’s mission is to inform and promote the conservation and well-being of threatened species through animal behavior research.  The CBLab does not focus on a particular species and projects include research on both wild and captive populations.